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What is our water delivery service?

In one word: comfort. Whether you would like a 19L or a10L gallon, let our friendly distributers save your time and bring the best tasting water Scardica® at your door!


We recommend...

You can order a water dispenser from us, together with the gallons you desire. This way you can become a regular customer and we will bring our service to your doorstep at home or work every week/2 weeks/month.


How can you order?

Contact the given number in our "Contact us" menu above. Tell us what you need and we will deliver your order the same day!

We are there for you from Monday until Saturday from 08:00-16:00.


What about events?

On whatever occasion: Family dinners, birthdays, sport events, turnaments, festivals and parties we will provide you with your favorite water. It's cheaper and easier!

Learn how to tell the difference between one water and the other.

Taste and value your water of Sharr Mountains. Live fresher!

From the spring of 1410m above sea level, untouched by man, directly in our bottles.

Taste that is valued by European experts at the International Institute of Taste&Quality based in Belgium.

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